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Alaska Fly Tying Kit


Everything you need to learn how to tie flies! With the contents of this kit, plus a series of instructional videos on our website, you will learn how to tie flies that catch fish in Alaska. Kit includes a vise, tool kit, head cement, hooks, sample flies and all the materials you need to tie the Beadhead Wooly Bugger, Hareball Leech and Clouser Minnow.

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We have been teaching fly tying for years at our shop in Juneau and now we are doing it online as well. We have created a series of instructional videos that walk you through the basic steps of fly tying; putting the hook in the vise, attaching thread to the hook, attaching materials to a hook, tying the whip finish knot and more.

Once you have a handle on these fundamental skills it is time to move on to tying actual flies. The videos start off with the simplest fly and progressively become more challenging. The first fly you will tie is the Bead Head Wooly Bugger. This fly is very effective all over the world and is a perfect pattern to build your tying skills with.

After the Wooly Bugger it is time to move onto the Clouser Minnow. The Clouser builds additional skills such as attaching lead eyes and working with bucktail.

Finally, it is time to tie the Hareball Leech. It has more materials and is a legendary salmon fly.

With the kit, you will have everything you need to tie 50 flies and still have plenty of materials left over. Once you learn to tie these flies, there is no limit to the color combinations you can tie. Plus you will have the skills to tie many other patterns.

We offer the kit with two choices for a vise. The very simple, fixed head Griffin 1A vise. Or you can upgrade to the Renzetti Traveler. The Renzetti is a rotary vise that offers the fly tyer many more options and features. If you plan to fully get into fly tying, it is worth going with the Renzetti from the start.

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