UV Polar Chenille

UV Polar Chenille


We use UV Polar Chenille on Party Girls, UV Hareball Leeches and many other flies. It adds bulk, movement and flash to your flies without adding weight. Tie it in just like chenille and wrap it forward. Very easy to work with and flies tied with it fish beautifully. 3 Yards per package. Chenille fibers average about 3/4″.

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UV Polar Chenille is by far one of our favorite body materials for salmon and steelhead flies. It can be palmered in with materials such as Crosscut Rabbit and Cactus Chenille, or it can be used as a stand alone for bodies and collars in patterns like the Party Girl and Starlite Leeches. The sparse one sided chenille really does make flies flashier without adding a lot of bulk. UV Polar Chenille sheds water almost  instantly, keeping large salmon and steelhead flies in the realm of being castable.

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