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Alaskan Bounty Hunter – Tan & White #6


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The Alaskan Bounty Hunter is always searching for the elusive big guy, the one that is at the top of the Most Wanted List, the one with a $10,000.00 price tag on his head. Our Bounty Hunter is a great flesh and egg pattern that imitates discarded salmon eggs still attached to the skein.


It turns big fish on river like the Naknek, Kenai and Kvichak, not to mention all of the other mass salmon flesh factories in South Central and South West Alaska. With a tungsten beadhead at the front followed by fleshy marabou and Mottled Trout Beads, this fly can be dead drifted, stripped or swung, making it a deadly combination of candy. An Alaska Fly Fishing Exclusive.

1 review for Alaskan Bounty Hunter – Tan & White #6

  1. Donald Mandel

    The Alaska bounty hunter and the Barely Legal flies were deadly! We used them entirely one morning as nothing else was working. The switch over happened and we never looked in the fly box again, unless we lost one;-)) OK may two were lost….
    Silvers were nailing it and also the Steelhead. We caught a half dozen dollies on them too.
    Great product and very durable flies. I will purchase again!

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