Galaxy Worm #1/0


In a galaxy far, far away on the River Unicorn, the Galaxy Worm did battle with the mythic Steelhead. Our take on the deadly plastic worm gets down to where steelhead like to lay and entices them to strike.


Plastic worms have been rocking the steelhead scene for years now. Walk into any tackle shop in the Pacific Northwest and there are full aisles dedicated to them. So the Galaxy Worm is our answer. Tied with Hareline’s UV Galaxy Mop Chenille, this stiffer chenille pulls off the worm effect where other chenilles have failed. We use Gamakatsu’s °90 Jig Hook and match it with the Spawn 1/4″ Tungsten Slotted Bead so these worms drop like a meteor crashing down to Earth. In layman’s terms; these things get down very qickly. If drifting flies in small S.E. Rivers is your preferred method of chasing steelhead, be sure to load a few of these nasty worms into your boxes right next to the Liquid Wrenches !

Match these up with a Rio Salmon/Steelhead 9 foot leader tapered to 12lb and a 1″ Air Lock Indicator.

Brad Elfers has been a fly fishing & river guide in Alaska since 1993.He opened Alaska Fly Fishing Goods in 1998.
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