Steelhead Liquid Wrench – Black and Chartreuse #1

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Steelhead Liquid Wrench – Black and Chartreuse #1


The Black & Chartreuse Liquid Wrench is really effective in high off-colored water or in the tea-colored tanic streams of the Tongass National Forest. It is also one of our favorites for the low light of early morning or dusk.

Are they holding right behind a log jam? On the far side of fast current? The Liquid Wrench Fly will pry them out! An ultra-fast sinking 7/32″ tungsten bead matched with a size #1 90 degree hook will drop this fly into the tightest of spots.  Fish the size #2 “Lite” version when the water is low and the afternoon shade has settled in for the evening.


An AFFG exclusive fly you won’t find anywhere else. Tied on Gamakatsu 90° jig hook matched with a  Tungsten Slotted Bead From Hareline. The Liquid Wrench drops like a rock and will break the rust on even the most lock jawed of fish.

Fish this fly with a dead drift  using a floating line, Rio Salmon Steelhead Leader in 12lb test and an indicator. It can be swung or jigged too. Available in two sizes.


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