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Dirty Hoh - Chinook Chartreuse & White #1

$7.95 each
Chartreuse and White is super effective for those chromers that have just cruised in from the salt. You can fish this fly with mega confidence. Also a prime coho fly around Kodiak, Tsiu and all over S.E. Alaska. 

The Dirty Hoh Chinook version from Aqua flies is 4 inches in length, features a larger cone and a #1 Octopus hook. A combination of the legendary Intruder fly and string leech, the Dirty Hoh truly brings the best attributes of both flies and takes them up a notch. The front composite shoulder pushes water and maintains it profile while the hitched rabbit strips wiggles and pulses like only rabbit can. This is a fish catcher and you want some of these in your king fly box!


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