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Fish Taco - Pink #2

$4.50 each
The Pink Fish Taco is money for grabby steelhead, kings as well as pink, chum, char and rainbows. The true all-arounder of the Fish Taco series.


Due to its light weight and slender profile this is a great fly in small or medium sized rivers. The ostrich and flash come alive in the water and it doesn't hang up at the end of the swing. If you are fishing the Sandy River or other Alaska Peninsula king rivers, the Fish Taco should be in your box.

Fish Tacos are about 3 inches in length, unweighted and very easy to cast. They are tied with a #2 Octopus hook that can be swapped out if the hook gets damaged. They are tied with ostrich and Holographic Flashabou and slim down nicely in the water while still maintaining a nice profile. In low, clear water or when the swinging situation calls for a smaller profile fly the Fish Taco is the ticket.
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