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Hartwick's Flashtail Tube - Pink & Purple #2

$3.95 each
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The Purple & Pink Flashtail Tube will hook fish from the estuary to the headwaters! Subdued enough to not spook fish that have been in awhile but with just enough flash and profile to elicit mega-grabs from fish just pouring in from the salt.

Hartwick's Flashtail Tubes from Aqua Flies are just over 3 inches in length. They are tied with marabou, ostrich and flash. The marabou is tied in with a cone behind it so that it keeps a full profile in the water and is much more durable than a standard marabou tube fly. They are super wiggly in the water and still have a nice full profile. 


They come rigged with junction tubing and a stout #2 hook. All you have to do is pull the hook out of the junction tubing, slide your leader through the fly, tie it to the hook and snug the hook back up into the juction tubing. Simple and easy!
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