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Dirty Dozen Mouse Fly Selection

$54.95 each
Is there anything more exciting than swinging a surface fly and watching a huge V-Wake appear behind it? That is just what happens when Alaskan rainbows key in on mice. Check out this selection of Grade A Prime trout food.
Fly Selection


This 12 fly selection offers a wide range of sizes and styles of the best mouse flies.  From small mice to the massive articulated guys, you will be covered. Stinger Mouse, Morrish Mouse and Morrish Mouse 2.0, Prep H Mouse and more.....Contents may vary from the photo, but they will be prime flies!

Purchase the selection as Flies Only or get one of our custom Alaska Fly Fishing Goods fly boxes for an additional $13.95. The box is double sided slit foam and measures 7.5" x 4" x 1.75".
Spend just $200 more for


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