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Airflo Custom Cut Tips 10'

$16.99 each
The 10' Custom Cut Tips from Airflo are perfect for most situations where a short fast tip will get you into the zone. Perfect length when matched with a Skagit Head for Short Spey and Switch rods.
Sink Rate


Sink Tips are a staple of of serious fly anglers the world over.

Whether you're swinging soft hackles in the fall or heavy intruders in the raging waters of winters excess, Airflo makes a sink tip that will work for you.

Airflo's sink tips have long been the industry benchmark for quality factory-welded loops, and due to the unique material qualities of polyurethane Airflo continues to make the strongest, slimmest loops out there.

The 10' lengths are perfect for Short Spey and Switch Rods when matched with the appropriate Skagit head.

Sink Rate:
T-7 = 7 inches per second
T-10 = 8 inches per second
T-14 = 9 iches per second
T-18 = 10 inches per second