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Studs - Simms Star Cleats - 10 Pack

$29.95 each
Developed specifically for use with StreamTread wading boot soles, the HardBite Star Cleats offer the best stud solution for added stability in difficult wading conditions. Use separately or in combination with HardBite Studs.


The Simms Star Cleats are shaped specifically to fit between the mini-360 lugs on Simms Streamtread sole. They are made out of 45 Rockwell hardness and are zinc plated for corrosion resistance, and the carbide chips welded to each arm of the cleat for added durability and traction.

There are 10 cleats and screws per pagkage, the studs may be used individually or in combonation with HardBite Studs in any patern that you choose for your wading expieriece.

Made in the USA.