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Bristol Bay - Bead Selection

$89.95 each
If you are fishing Bristol Bay from mid-July through the end of the season, these are the beads you need. The selection includes 6mm, 8mm and 10mm beads that cover what trout want to eat during the spawn.


The Bristol Bay Bead Selection covers all the bases, from the larger eggs of spawing kings and chum to the little eggs of the sockeye. The brighter red and orange colors imitate the eggs just being laid, while the cream and yellow beads resemble eggs that have been washed out of the spawning beds.  All the beads are Mottled meaning they have a faint white flecking which is much more realistic and effective. 

Selection includes beads in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in Mottled Natural Roe, M. Peach Roe, M. Tangerine, M. Orange Clear, M. Hot Cherry, M. Sun Orange, M. Mandarin Roe, and M. Salmon. Also included are #4 and #6 hooks Gamakatsu C14S hooks, BB and 3/0 split shot, a full pack of Troutbead TB Peggz, four Thingamabobber indicators ( 2 - 3/4" and 2 - 1") all packed in a compartmentalized box.