After 15 years at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, Mike Cole is moving on to tackle a new challenge.

End of an Era

It is hard to summarize all that Mike brought to the growth and success of Alaska Fly Fishing Goods. Suffice it to say, during his time the business grew from a small fly-fishing shop in Juneau to a busy local and web-based store that ships orders all over the U.S. and the world.

Mike joined AFFG in 2008 after a lengthy guiding career in SE Alaska, Bristol Bay and Patagonian Chile. The variety of fishing experiences Mike encountered while guiding made him a natural fit at the shop as we transitioned from a regional shop in Juneau to a web-based business that served the entire state of Alaska as well as salmon and steelhead anglers going anywhere in the world. If you called and needed information about fly fishing in Alaska, Mike had either fished it or knew someone who had. And he would go to great lengths to make sure he tracked down the best information on any fishery in the state.

Over the years Mike’s role grew into managing our busy web business, helping anglers plan their Alaska trips, teaching countless classes and working with our local customers here in Juneau. He truly loved talking about upcoming trips and assisting with putting together the perfect assortment of flies, beads and tackle to make sure it was a success. He also took his creativity and fly tying skills and became (in our humble opinion) the best fly designer in Alaska. If you want some proof, just see how many fish have been caught on his Liquid Wrenches, Mr Bodangles, UV Polar Starlite Leeches, Galaxy Worms, STS Leeches and more.

Big Things Ahead

Mike won’t be going too far in his next career. His upcoming position is working for Juneau’s local ski area Eaglecrest as the Repair/Rental/Retail Manager. As Eaglecrest looks to expand from being a winter-only resort to a year-round recreation area, they are lucky to have Mike in this position to guide them to the next level. We wish him all the best in his upcoming career move.

While Mike won’t be at the shop on a regular basis, he plans to still teach some fly fishing and fly-tying classes as well as helping with special projects at the shop. 

If you would like to send Mike a message, please email it to or leave a comment below.