Finally, we are getting a break from the high temps and scorching sun that has been seemingly constant this summer.  This should be helpful for getting fish a little more active and letting some of the glacial influenced freshwater water levels to come down. Other streams such as Montana Creek should see water levels come up with the forecasted rain. Stream fishing is going to get good!

The reports on king fishing have started to become less consistent and they are starting to congregate towards their final destinations. They are still around, but they are turning from their chrome ocean silver to more of a dull or dark as their scales set. If the fun bright colored flies aren’t turning their heads, try darker patterns in black or purple.

Proof that perseverance is what it takes to get a king! 42" isn't too bad for a first king on the fly! Congrats to Michael Clark, and thanks for the photo.

The channel is getting more and more full of chums, and there are a lot of chums out in front of Peterson Creek right now.  They may not taste quite as good as king salmon, but don’t let that trick you into thinking they aren’t a great game fish.  Chums are the second largest salmon we see in North America and their bullish nature leads to a ton of fun on a fly rod.  Generally, you want to stick with smaller flies, chartreuse and pink are good for bright fish.  As they start to turn try fishing smaller black flies like the Rocket Man or small purple flies such as the Chromer Snack.

We have heard of pinks up in Lynn Canal as well as Echo Cove.  This is going to be getting better and better as we move into mid-July.  Either a Searunner Special or Humpy Hooker are the flies that work best for humpies.  Cast them out and strip them fairly quickly and throw a pause in there… strip, strip, pause, hold on! Pink takes are often subtle, but once you hook up, game on!

The Dollies are continuing their migration back into the freshwater right now.  Cowee Creek is one of the best early season creeks and now that we have cool temps and a little rain it is worth the drive out there.  Off color is not a bad thing at Cowee Creek, just be careful when you’re wading.  Sheep Creek is also about to really turn on for beading.  Pre-egg drop the colors don’t matter all that much.  My favorite colors around here are Mottled Tangerine, Mottled Montana, and Mottled Peachy King.  Fish 10mm during high water and when it’s low go with the 8mm size.

We hope you all have a great week of fishing!  

Cory, Brad, Mike, and the rest of the crew at AFFG

 *We love using our customers' photos in our future fishing reports, but we really want to encourage ethical treatment of fish.  When practicing catch and release do your best to handle the fish minimally and get pictures with the fish in the water!  With live fish, please avoid placing your fingers in gills, setting fish on dry ground, or holding them way above water with your dry hands.  Remember this resource is only sustainable if we all help do our part. Submit your photos to or tag us on Instagram (@alaskaflyfishinggoods)