It was a beautiful weekend and the sea run Dollies were off the beaches and stream mouths. This one fell for a Stinger Clouser in Olive/White. Variety was the name of the game when it came to flies. As soon as one fly would work the fish would shut off and it was time to dig through the box and come up with a new pattern. Clousers in Olive/White and Gray/White, Salmon Fry, Epoxy Mini Minnows, Neil Creek Darts, Stinger Clousers and more all worked at one time or another.

Steelheading was a might slow to say the least. The dry weather has kept river levels ultra-low and the chromies are mostly holding out in the salt. 

The first blast of rain we get is going to push fish in. This week's weather forecast calls for a 40% chance of rain on Tuesday and a 90% chance of rain on Wednesday. Looks like Thursday might be a good day to call in sick to work.....

See you out there.  Brad