It is Game On for silvers. Anglers have been hitting them in  a big way for the last 10 days. Here is the scoop:

For starters, Gastineau Channel has silvers all over it.  Things can vary from day to day, but in general there are plenty of fish to be found. Salmon Creek, Lemon Creek, DIPAC and Bayview have all
been productive. The best fishing is from 2-3 hours before the low tide right
through until you get pushed out by the flooding tide. Chartreuse & White
Clouser Minnows, Pink & White Clouser Minnows, and Tutti Fruiti Clousers are the best flies.

Montana Creek has been steadily producing fish. The best
fishing has been mostly around the confluence and just upstream from there.

Peterson Creek has had fish out front in the saltwater for
the last couple of weeks. They can be targeted as they stage before coming over
the falls on the high tide.

Finally, Cowee Creek has silvers from tidewater all the way
up past the bridge. Fish deep and alternate between swinging and stripping
flies. Dolly Llamas , Pink & White Half-N-Halfs , Conehead Popsicles ,
Hareball Leeches in Pink , Fuschia , Chartreuse , and Aleutian Queen , Purple Egg
Sucking Leeches
, and Starlite Leeches are all patterns that should be in your
fly box. You will lose flies so doubling down on patterns is a good idea. There
is nothing worse than losing the one fly you had that was working!

Finally, a big Heads-Up on two freshwater silver flies that need to be in your box. These two flies will catch fish when nothing else does. First, our exclusive Jig Spanker. It comes in three colors, Pink , Chartreuse , and Purple , and is absolute murder. It is a traditional Spanker tied on a 60 degree keel hook and outfitted with mega lead eyes. It gets down fast and jigs like crazy. Second, Dolly Llamas in Pink/White , Black/White , Tutti/Fruiti , Chartreuse/White and Pink/Purple all need to be in your collection. The massive conehead makes these big leeches dip, dive and jig like crazy.

See you on the water! Brad