After a slight lull in the fishing, a fresh batch of silvers have hit the rivers. A relatively dry week at the end of August saw river levels drop and few new fish. The ones in the creeks definitely got sulky, too.  A good slug of rain has brought river levels up and fresh fish have pushed in.

Cowee Creek has new fish both above and below the bridge. There were quite a few anglers out this weekend so finding a productive spot could be tough. While there are some very popular spots that consistently produce fish, there is still plenty of other water that will have at least a few cohos. Just look for slow deep pools around log jams. If it is deep enough there most likely will be a few fish in it.

Montana Creek also has fresh chromers. Same deal on Montana. The creek is long and most angling effort is at the confluence with the Mendenhall. Think about looking up stream if the mouth is crowded. Those fish all have to move somewhere. 

Finally, the channel has had its moments. A lot of silves have moved through and are now in front of DIPAC and Salmon Creek. Fishing the mouth of Salmon Creek, especially on a dropping tide has been productive. This next week is full of HUGE tide swings (some greater than 20 feet.)  This is going to make saltwater beach fishing challenging but it also is going to bring  a lot of new fish in.

See you out there. Brad