It has been a rainy few weeks in Juneau and high river levels have
been the norm. In between the storms the rivers have dropped down, Gastineau Channel has cleared, and
some very good silver fishing has taken place.This year's run is shaping up to be quite a bit better than last year.

Currently, the rivers are on the drop and fresh fish are being reported from most areas. While we are past the peak of the silver run, groups of bright fish will continue to push in. With the last couple of cold nights, Cowee has dropped and cleared  as its headwater glacier freezes up. For the next few weeks watch the weather forecast and plan your outing
during (or just after) one of Juneau's short dry spells. Most rivers around Juneau will clear and be
fishable within 24-36 hours of the rains stopping. Cowee Creek, being a
much larger drainage, takes 36-48
hours to come back into shape. Late season can produce
some great coho days. 

It is hard to say how much longer Gastineau Channel will produce. A few bright fish are reported to still be on the move as they make their way back to DIPAC.

The lakes also are a good bet late in the season. Fat Cutthroat and
Dolly Varden return from a summer of feeding and are aggressively taking
flies before the ice sets in. Windfall Lake is my favorite. The Dredge
Lakes and Auke Lake can be very good, too. Try #8 Black Egg Sucking
Leeches, Beadhead Thin Mints, and Bead Belly Leeches.

Make sure to get out and fish before it all wraps up!

See you on the water! Brad