S.E. Report 08-20-11

Can you say pinks, pinks and more pinks; add the words: rain, rain and more rain and that will sum up this weeks report.

High water and ten billion pinks has been the word on the street.  When the water hasn’t been into the trees, fishing for dollies has been good, but spotty. Dollies will continue to feed on eggs as the pink spawn continues for the next week or two (possible 3 or more this year!) Try beads and egg patterns in fresh and old colors.  Small flesh flies can produce too.

The question of the week is: “Where are the silvers???”  Well they are starting to show up.  It’s just a question of finding them among all the pinks, and then getting a fly to them that the pinks don’t eat first. Try throwing chartreuse colored flies in the deep pools close to the estuaries.

The other factor to the equation is all the rain and high water we’re experiencing.  This is making the creeks and rivers impossible to fish.  We’re expecting to hear good reports of silvers after water levels fall back to normal. Until then, maybe look in the channel or tidewater.

Good luck and good fishing (when possible!)

Brad and the gang.