Now that the mid August monsoon has passed, we are all anxious to find some fishable water and more to the point some fat chromers. The high water was just the ticket to flush out a bunch of the half-dead chums and pinks and make way for the first of the silvers. There have been scattered reports of silvers showing up so now is the time to go look for the big bruisers.

There are several places to go out and prospect. The
confluence of Montana Creek and the Mendenhall River consistently
yields early fish. It is a natural resting spot for silvers as they
make their way upstream. Dolly Llamas in Pink/White , Tuiti Fruiti , and Black/White are murder on these early fish. Don't forget  Hareball Leeches in Chartreuse , Aleutian
Queen and all Pink as well. This spot usually demands a sink tip fly
line or a bunch of split shot to get the fly down where the silvers
lurk. Alternate between a dead drift and stripping the fly back in.
Lower Cowee Creek is another good early silver spot. The same flies
fished deep and retrieved quickly work well. Look for the "soft water"
where silvers can rest out of the main current.

A few silvers have also shown up in the ladder and in front of DIPAC
Hatchery. Fishing in the neighborhood of the hatchery around the low
tide is most productive. These fish usually come around North Douglas
on their way up the channel. Stretches of beach from Bayview
Subdivision all the way to DIPAC produce as they move through.
Once again, bracketing the low tide is best since it tends to
concentrate the fish. A floating line, nine-foot 12 pound leader, and a
Chartreuse Clouser Minnow or a Tuiti Fruiti Clouser Minnow is the setup to have.

Finally, coho can often be found off the rocks at Point Louisa and Lena Point. A sink tip line is a big help and Marabou Madness and Half-N-Halfs in Chartreuse/White will entice a vicious strike.

Good luck and I will see you on the water. Brad