SE Report 7/28/11


The streams and rivers around Northern S.E. are stuffed with pinks and chums.  The inclement weather as of late has encouraged the fish to push up into all of the watersheds.  The spawn should come into full swing this week.  Look for a lot of eggs to be free drifting in the runs. 

The Pink run is not expected to peak in the salt until the second week of August.  This means that there are still a lot more pinks on the way.  Echo Cove continues to produce abundant amount of pink to fly anglers.  Try small, pink surface and sub-surface flies with a weight forward floating line with a 9 foot, ten-pound leader.  Waking surface flies such as the Kiss of Death can be a lot of fun when the water is calm.  Humpy Hookers are still the sub-surface fly of choice.

Other places to look for pinks off of the Juneau road system are: The mouth of Montana Creek, Cowee Creek, the mouth of Fish Creek or the Shrine of St. Theresa.  There are loads of pinks, chums and dollies in most streams and river out and away from Juneau.   A short skiff ride or plane flight can take you out to some incredible fishing with out the crowds.

Dolly fishing continues to be very successful as the fish prepare for the feast ahead.  The streams are flowing at normal to high rates, which is helping the dollies spread out into the runs.  Look to fish egg patterns and beads in 8mm and 10mm sizes.  Good egg imitation colors can be peach king, oranges, pinks and reds. Bead colors to try are mottled tangerine, mottled orange clear, mottled natural roe, fluor orange, sun orange and peach pearl.  There are a lot of other good colors, too many to name. Please check with us and we’ll be glad to help pick out good colors and sizes.

Sockeye are said to be showing up down at Sweetheart Creek. Try hitting this run early before it becomes over crowded with pinks.

When fishing this time of year, please remember to use proper bear etiquette, as bears are more numerous around the streams this time of year.

See you on the water,

Brad, Mike, Cory and Chaz