Lots of good fishing to be had this week. A break in the weather has even made it pleasant to be out again.

Echo Cove shows no sign of slowing up. Pinks are plentiful and still up near the head of the bay. For more on this fishery check out our last few reports.

Montana Creek is full of chums all the way up to its headwaters. The Dollies are right behind them and a well chosen and presented bead is deadly. Have some variety in sizes as well as color. Last weekend 10mm beads ruled. With the water dropping, 8mms are more effective at the moment. If it rains in the next week that could flip back again. Mottled Tangerine or Orange Clear have been super hot.

Cowee Creek also has plenty of Dollies as well as a slug of pinks. You don't have to move far from the bridge to get into fish. For the pnks try a larger profile pink fly such as a Starlite Leech. A steady strip or slow swing is effective. The Dollies are feasting on beads of the variety we mentioned in the Montana Creek report.

Silvers are showing up in the troll fishery and should be near shore in a week or two. Point Louisa, Lena Point, and Auke Bay are all good early silver bets. More on that soon.

Get out there!  Brad