I think we all know that the weather this July has been less than
stellar. Continuous heavy rains in mid July pushed water levels up high
but they are returning to normal now. And in their wake anglers are
finding a lot of chums. Way more than last year which means the Dollies
will have plenty of eggs to eat this summer. Pinks are around but only
in select areas. Here are some high lights of the road side fishery.

Sheep Creek, below the Thane Road Bridge, has turned into a very
nice Dolly and chum fishery. Large returns of chums have attracted lots
of Dollies. Any tide but the high seems to fish well. Fish the creek
itself or right down where the fresh water hits the salt. Unreal Egg
Clusters , Unreal Eggs in Peachy King , and Gorman Beadhead Eggs are all
producers. Beads, particularly 8mm in Tangerine, Mottled Dark Roe, and
Apricot are deadly for the Dollies. Our Southeast/Kodiak Bead Selection is a surefire way to have everything you need to catch Dollies. If you are curious about fishing
beads check out our latest article in the Newsletters area. It gives a great overview of bead fishing, how to choose beads, and how to fish them. 

If you want to catch chums at Sheep Creek move away from the mouth
and slowly strip a Pink Humpy Hooke r or Fuschia Hareball Leech . If chum
are holding in the current at the fresh/salt confluence you can swing
flies at them. You can also fish for chums along the beach in the cove
by the Thane Ore House.

Montana Creek is also very hot. The Chums are all the way up the
creek, the Dollies are laying in behind them, and the water level has
been slightly above medium which is perfect. Same flies as Sheep Creek.

Fish Creek is fair (which is normal). A few dollies below the
bridge. Some late king salmon can be found, too. Either at the mouth of
the pond or upriver in some of the deep rocky holes.

The Shrine of St. Therese is usually a very productive pink salmon
spot. So far it has been slow. A few pinks can be found off the rocks
but most of the fish rolling out front are chums. A Pink Humpy Hooker
on a floating line is the ticket.

Echo Cove is super hot for pinks. They are all the way into the boat
launch area. Larger numbers of fish can be found if you are willing to
walk the beach out. Stay on the same side as the boat ramp and keep
walking until you see fish rolling. Fishing around the low tide is
usually most productive. Echo is a great spot to fish if the rivers are
high and muddy. Once again, the Pink Humpy Hooke r or the Searunner
Special is the fly of choice.

Finally, Cowee Creek. There are pinks all the way up to and past the
bridge. The numbers aren't huge but with a bit of work you can find
fish to catch. A Pink Starlite Leech or Purple Egg Sucking Leech are
great flies in Cowee. The chums are in, too. When you find them you can
almost guarantee some nice Dollies will be in behind them. Use egg
patterns or beads like those I mentioned for Sheep Creek.

See you on the water. Brad