Fishing has been heating up this week with a lot of food choices on the platter. Pinks, chums, kings, dollies and sockeye... you choose.

Tomorrow (6-30-10) is the last day for a shot at sockeye up at Windfall Creek. Last Saturday was a little on the tough side with the high water from the last rain storm. But there were plenty of trout to keep busy with. Try some of the traditional sockeye flies like Montana Brassies or Sockeye Lanterns.

Pinks have started to show up in Echo Cove. There is even a few rumors of them in Cowee Creek already. Try around the boat launch during a low tide. These fresh chrome pinks are a hot ticket on the fly. The Humpy Hooker and Sea Runner Specials are the best bet in the salt and estuaries. Starlite Leeches. Polar Cabelleros and Neon Shrimp in pink are the ticket in the streams.

Chums are stacked in at Amalga Harbor. These tight lipped slugs can provide quite a challenge on the fly... and then you hook one! Be sure to use a stout 8 wt. or 9 wt. rod and do not try to horse them in, or else! Try dead drifting small pink flies for them. Sockeye Lightnings, Karluck Shrimp and Humpy Hookers can produce. If a current seam provides some flow, then swinging larger pink leeches can be fun. Rocket Men and S&B's Super String can do the trick in this situation.

The king game continues to provide some hard fighting action. More and more reports of fish being caught on hot pink has been the buzz in the shop. Try Seekers, Guide Intruders and Rockstars on the swing or stripped.

Dollies continue to pour into the local streams as they prepare for the salmon to come. The egg drop is in the near future, but smolt are still the pattern of choice at the time. Try finding dollies in the deeper pools just above the tide line and up. There are still a hand full out and about in the channel. Try larger clouser style flies for these guys.

Tight lines. Brad and the crew