My apologies for the long delay in putting up a new report. It has been crazy here at the shop. But in a good way. Now, on to the fishing.

KINGS: They are in! Fish Creek and Auke Creek both have good numbers of kings cruising around. It varies from tide to tide as to how many fish are in the neighborhood, but some tides have produced well. Large profile flies like Rockstars, Guide Intruders and Trailer Trash are all good bets. Start with Pink and follow with Chartreuse. Make sure to have your No-See-Um Head Net as the bugs are epic this year.

SOCKEYE at Windfall Creek - Reports from Wednesday and last Saturday were of good numbers of fishing moving in to the creek. Green seemed to be the color of choice both days, but Red will have its moments, too.

DOLLY VARDEN - The Channel has finally really caught fire. Salmon Creek, the beaches across from Salmon Creek on Douglas Island, and little Kowee Creek by the Douglas Bridge have all been hot.

Finally, Cowee Creek out the road has filled up with Dollies. They annually make their move into the rivers about this time and reports are good. Try downstream from the bridge with a Pink Clouser Minnow, Battle Creek Special, or Pearl Pink Egg Sucking Leech.

See you out there, Brad