Dolly fishing is picking up steadily. After a cool early May and spotty fishing, the Dollies are starting to congregate as they feed on out-migrating salmon fry. One contributing factor is the release of DIPAC chum fry. I talked with Rick at DIPAC and he passed along their current fry release info. Here is a brief summary of what has happened and what is coming up:

  • Salmon Creek - 5 1/2 million fry released on May 27. This was the first release at the DIPAC facility this year. They plan to release about the same number again (5 1/2 million) somewhere around the second week of June.
  • Amalga Harbor - 28 million fry released around May 21st. Another large release will occur in June.
  • Sheep Creek - 11 million fry released on around May 21st. An even larger release will occur in June.

Here is what I would take away from this information:

  • What had been a Dolly here and there, is going to turn into much more steady fishing. 
  • A Clouser Minnow in Olive/White or Gray/White in size 4 looks an awful lot like a DIPAC chum fry. Stingers are even better.
  • Sheep Creek as well as any water flowing near Thane Road is a really good bet for fishing.
  • Fish from 3 hours before the low until 3 hours after. Some spots fish better on a dropping tide and some are better on the flood. Experiment around and you will be rewarded.

A few other spots to try for DIPAC-related Dolly action: mouth of Salmon Creek at the low, shore line next  to the Douglas Bridge and adjacent the Dept of Labor building, little Kowee Creek next to the Douglas Bridge, Amalga Harbor (where Peterson Creek enters the saltwater), and after June 1 Eagle Beach by the Boy Scout Camp around the low tide (especially at the farthest tip of the sand spit.)

For non-DIPAC fishing take a look at the mouth of Cowee Creek around the low or Echo Cove out on the sand spit. If you are feeling energetic try walking the loop. Down Cowee to fish the mouth, around the Echo Ranch facility, out to the mouth of Echo Cove to fish, and back in to the parking lot at Echo.

See you on the water! Brad