Just got off the phone with the fine folks at DIPAC Hatchery to get the latest update on their spring fry releases. As you may know, when DIPAC starts releasing their chum fry the Dolly fishing goes off the hook. The good news is that they plan to make their first releases of the season between this Tuesday (May 18) and Friday (May 21).

The releases will happen at the Hatchery facility on Gastineau Channel, at Sheep Creek on Thane Road, and Amalga Harbor. DIPAC will then stagger additional releases over the next 3 weeks as each pen of fry reach their optimal size. In total, they will release 8 million fry from the hatchery, 15 million at Sheep Creek, and 44 million at Amalga Harbor. 

Get your 6 weight warmed up! See you out there. Brad