Last report for 2010.

Things are starting to get pretty tough out there. Coho fishing had been quite solid in Cowee Creek right through the first week of October, but as of October 10 the river pretty much was blown out and muddy. Montana Creek is the same story; high and off color. Not a whole lot going on anymore in the channel either. And with several big storms lined up in the Gulf of Alaska it looks like we will be getting heavy rain for the next week. Peterson is a possibility from Glacier Highway down to the Salt Chuck. The river level gets very high but usually doesn't turn to mud and there can be some late season hold outs. Try fishing a sink tip and slowly stripping flies along the bottom. 

The lakes, such as Windfall and Dredge, were producing nice cutts and as long as they don't get too muddied up they will keep fishing well for another month or until it gets really cold. 

Thanks for reading the report this year and we'll start them up again in April. Have a great winter. Brad