This weekend is going to be a fabulous weekend to fish. The weather is forecast to be good, the tides are small and did we mention the weather is supposed to be good! The last few weeks have shown us a lot of foul weather with lots of rain and muddy rivers. Between the high water and large tides, silver fishing was pretty tough. Fast forward a week and life is a different story. With the smaller tides, fish are starting to hold up in the channel again. This is the time to get in on the action. With the smaller tides, less water will move through, which should slow down the fish, giving anglers longer periods to sit on the fish. This is also a great time to try for a coho on a dry. Make sure you have a Popper Wog in your fly box and when the fishing is hot throw that dry on and take the “Top Water Challenge!” There is nothing like seeing a big wake come after your topwater fly.

Stream fishing of late has been hit and miss for both salmon and trout/dollies. With the high water of last week, many of the in-stream silvers bombed up river leaving the lower sections virtually empty. With last week’s huge tides, there should be more fishing flooding in. Try low, but if that doesn’t produce, try going up stream and fishing some of the deeper runs.

The high water also finished up most of the pink spawn. So trout and dollies have moved off of the reds and into the pools and logs. They are scavenging now, so it may be time to try different tactics. If spawning salmon are around try the bead or an egg pattern. If you don’t see spawners, try drifting salmon flesh patterns, small sculpin and fry patterns. Also try stripping these patterns through some of the deeper runs and out of log jams. A pretty little surprise may be waiting for you.

Go get your fish on before it’s too late!