winningTHEY'RE HERE!

This chromer was caught on the Juneau road system on May 3rd. Several other fish were seen in the neighborhood of this steelhead. We are going to surmise that they pushed in on last night's tides. While river levels are still quite low, the rain we are getting is helping out big time. It sends out that cryptic message that only steelhead can hear. Quit hanging around in the saltwater, get with the program, and push into the creeks!

Water temperatures are still brutally cold. We are talking 37 degrees. That means these fish aren't likely to move far for a fly. They probably don't want to see a 6" feather duster fly, either. Wait for a little more flow and warmer water before you break out the big swinging stuff. 

If you look at this fish it has a Money Bug jacked in its jaw. You should probably have some of those in your fly box. Sitkoh Princes, Neon Shrimp, along with 8mm & 10mm Mottled Beads are the order of the day.

Get out there and get 'em.  See you on the water, Brad