Improving weather, DIPAC fry releases, and steelhead fishing top this week's report. After several weeks of the worst May weather stretch anyone can remember, anglers are getting back out and finding fish. Those of us who were on steelhead trips the last couple of weeks found high, very cold water and fish that didn't feel much like grabbing flies. With river temps in the mid to upper 30's and ocean temps in the 40's, the bulk of the run sat out front and waited. Now that the water is starting to warm the fish are getting with the program.

For steelhead, fresh fish are still coming in. Even though it is getting late in May, many of the fish are just hitting the creeks. Do keep your eye out for paired up spawners and avoid fishing to them. Also try not to walk through or just downsteam of their redds. Peterson, especially up higher in the creek has produced some nice fish. Cowee also has started to produce. Both are fairly low and clear. If you are heading out to Cowee beware of delays since the road reconstruction is in full swing.

Onto Dolly fishing. We just spoke with our friends at DIPAC about spring fry releases. As you know, when the chum fry get released the dinner table is set. Dolly fishing goes from spotty to insane. DIPAC has not released any fry yet. With the cold start to the month the chum fry need a tad more time to fatten up. General release sites and numbers are as follows:

  • Salmon Creek  - 12 Million Fry
  • Sheep Creek    - 24 Million Fry
  • Amalga Harbor - 46 Million Fry

The releases will be staggered over the next 2 weeks and will be wrapped up by the end of May. The coho and king smolt usually are released in the first 10 days of June.

So, make sure you have:

One final note, the Twin Lakes king salmon stocking is happening on Friday May 18. Hit the lake and beat up on some little kings!

Get out and enjoy the weather and catch some fish! Brad, Mike, Cory, Chas and Dave