The Juneau road system is finally seeing fishable number of silvers.  With the recent rain and big tides, fish are starting to be found in all of the usual places. From Cowee Creek to the Channel, it is a good time to get after it.

Cowee is still teaming with Pinks.  They are in full spawn now, so finding bright fish is slightly tricky.  If you go out there in search of silvers, try the deeper pools, just up and down from the bridge.  Large flies like the Dolly Llama in black/white or pink/purple, Jig Spankers in pink, chartreuse or tutti frutti.  Egg Sucking Leeches and Hareball Leeches can produce too.  While your there, be sure to check out down by the meadow, just above tide water…  Here, try Clouser Minnows in addition to Dolly Llamas and Jig Spankers.  Good colors in tide water are chartreuse/white, chartreuse/yellow, pink/white, tutti frutti and pink/purple.  Remember that there are still loads of Pinks in the river, so throwing pink colors could result in lots of Pink before a Silver strikes.


For Silvers, you can also try the Gastineau Channel on the last few hours of the outgoing tide and the first few of the incoming:  Clousers and similar patterns rule here.  Try throwing these flies with a 9-10’ leader or off of a slow sink tip. Good colors are the same here as Cowee; chartreuse/white, chartreuse/yellow, pink/white, tutti frutti and pink/purple.  If you plan on fishing out in front of Salmon Creek, try the flood tide beginning about an hour into the incoming.

Still seeking Dollies?  Cowee Creek is still producing like wildfire, and Montana’s fish have moved into the deeper pools in the lower creek.  Sheep creek is still turning out a few fish, but the numbers are starting to slim down.  We suggest 8mm and 10mm beads in light orange, washed orange and peach color schemes or egg patterns and glo bugs in similar colors and sizes are safe bets.  In creeks like Sheep Creek, with lots of dead salmon lining the banks, you can also try some fleshy flies; they can always be good producers.  Try small washed flesh patterns if eggs/beads aren’t doing the trick. Articulated Cone Head Flesh and Bunny Flesh can be the ticket.

Now is the time to get out on the water and see what you can find!

Happy Fishing!