coho brad 2012 1

The question of the week is the same as the last two weeks: Are the silvers in yet? We can definitely say YES to that question! The coho are not in thick yet, but a decent number of them are showing up at the DIPAC hatchery, which means that they are elsewhere in the Gastineau Channel. Colors to throw are pink/purple, chartreuse/white, all pink and black/white. Think Clouser Minnows, Dolly Llamas and Jig Spankers. The streams have yet to see a large influx of fish, but there are a few starting to show up. With the good weather this weekend, be sure to get out there and get after some chrome.

coho mike 2012 3                                          

Another week has gone by and another of good Dolly fishing is in the books. Spawning pinks and chums are starting to thin out in a few of the streams, while others are still in full spawn. Beads are still the ticket in behind spawning salmon. But if the salmon are not there, try small flesh in the deeper holes and behind logs and structure. Washed out, dead egg colored beads can work better than fresher colors this time of year. Having a good selection of colors is key.

cohos mike 2012 1

Tight Lines,

Brad and Crew