The fishing is heating up all over Juneau. It is hard to choose what to chase right now since so much is going on at once! 


The Kings are off the beaches along North Douglas, in Fish Creek and off the mouth of Auke Creek. The return has been better than the last few years so now is the time to go look for one of these big bruisers. The 3 kings in the photo are from Saturday June 22nd. Check in with us about hitting the right tide since each spot has its prime window. A new pattern that has been fishing well is Mr. Bodangles. Originally designed as a coho fly, its smallish profile and rubber legs have made it a favorite. Both Chartreuse and Pink are working. 

Sockeye fishing at Windfall Creek has been spectacular this year. The fish have been around in good numbers and there seems to be an abundance of big boys, too. The Sockeye Lantern has been the stellar fly. Other winners are the Red Hot, Copper Swan and Mercer's Sockeye Fly. Check out our sockeye offerings here. Wednesday June 26 and Saturday June 29th are the last two days Windfall is open this year. 

Dolly Varden have temporarily vaporized as they make their annual migration from the beaches to the streams. Small pockets of fish are still marauding and devouring chum fry, but they move fast and are a bit hard to pin down. Start looking for Dollies to return to Cowee Creek as they get ready for the chums to come in and start dropping eggs.

Finally, saltwater pink salmon in Echo Cove are not far off. Try walking out from the boat launch on the right hand side of the cove. You may have to go all the way out until you are across from the sand spit, but the fish tend to group up in this area before they move in to the back of Echo Cove. Pink Humpy Hookers on a floating line will get it done. 

Finally, if your waders are leaky or your boots are felt come see us. We have some wader & boot package deals you won't want to miss. 

See you out there! Brad, Mike, Kayla, Chas, and Cory