It is Mid-October and things are ramping down after a darn good season of fishing. Silver fishing was excellent right through the 1st week of October and then dropped off like a rock. We got a blast of rain and the fish moved way upstream and then the next set of big tides didn't bring in much. Coho will continue to trickle in throughout the month and even into November. But it will be more hunting and scratching for a fish than going out and banging a bunch. 

Dolly and cutthroat fishing will still be good when the water flow allows. They are off the eggs now and small attractor patterns in pink or orange such as Battle Creek Specials, Pink Stripteases in #6 and little Clouser Minnows will pull a fish out of the log jams and runs. Expect to find small pockets of fish rather than fish spread throughout the river. 

Finally, lake fishing will be prime as long as the rains don't muddy things up too much and the ice doesn't set in early. Dredge Lakes and Windfall Lake are some of the best. Attractor patterns as well as Sculpzilla's in #8 are great late season flies. 

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Brad, Mike, Chas & Kayla