To start things off this week, the silvers seem to be hanging around in more reliable numbers than last week as schools are swirling around all over town.

The hatchery salmon run seems to be in full swing, with fish ranging from Sheep Creek and Thane to Salmon Creek and 9 mile (as well as everywhere in between). With the heavy amounts of rain we have been receiving, 5 mile seems to be quite muddy from the Lemon Creek influence. If we keep getting rain, we can assume this could continue to happen. But, if we get a weather window, we bet there are fish at 5 mile too.

Per usual, 9 mile and 5 mile are great low tide destinations, and Sheep Creek seems to be an any tide goes, as long as it's not at a slack tide.
The fly of the hour still seems to be the Dolly Llama. Silvers really cannot resist the dipping and diving of this heavy fly. Other flies to try that are a bit easier to cast are the Clouser Minnow, Deep Six, Megawatt, and Starlite Leech. Try colors such as chartreuse and white, pink and white, black and white, tutti fruiti, and all white.
As far as other species go, there are still a few Dollies around in the creeks. The high water we have seen has pushed all of the spawning chum and pinks out of the creeks. That being said, the Dollies have likely begun to blast back into the lakes around town in anticipation of winter.

We are glad to see as many locals getting out there and taking advantage of all the massive hatchery fish this year! We'd love to see your photos and hear about your adventures out on the water! Send stories and photos to photos@alaskaflyfishinggoods.com.

Happy Fishing!