Slow and heavy (flies) has been the name of the game this week.

Bright coho continue to trickle into the channel fisheries such as Sheep Creek, 5 mile, and 9 mile, but not in the hoards that they were two weeks ago. Focusing on low tides at 5 and 9 mile, and high or low tides at Sheep creek, try throwing some heavy flies such as the black and white Dolly Llama, Pink and Purple Jig Spanker, and the chartreuse and white Half n' Half. Although the fishing has been sporadic, if you don't get out there, you don't have a chance of catching one at all.

As the Channel fishery begins to slow, the creek fishing normally continues for another week or so. When thinking of going creek fishing around Juneau, you first need to think about flow levels, heavy flies, sink tips, and patience. Try fishing the river banks early or late, if you reach a hole just after another group of anglers,RedRanger1 it often is slow sailing for you. Try the Dolly Llama, Jig Spanker, and the Lead Eye Egg Sucking Leech in a variety of colors such as black, purple, pink, and chartreuse.

As October is quickly approaching, the end to our angling season in Juneau is too. We highly suggest getting out and hitting the water this weekend, we can never predict how much longer of the season that we have!

On a side note, this Saturday from 6-8pm at the Hanger on the Wharf... Come celebrate the end of the fishing & tourism season with food & drinks, and learn about the year ahead to conserve the heart of the Tongass: America’s Salmon Forest. Click here for details.