20160920 195320The days are getting shorter and darker, but miraculously the Silvers are continuing to stay chrome. To our surprise, there are still copious amounts of fish out there, too! They may not be every cast, but there are a fair amount of fish all over the Thane system, with a good number of them hanging out at the mouth of Sheep Creek itself. We have also gotten recent reports that a fresh batch of silvers have pushed into the 9 mile and 5 mile systems, and folks fishing the mouth of Salmon Creek have been whooping on some chrome salmon, too!

We have not heard much about creek fishing in the area, we assume there are fish in both Montana and Cowee, but with all the rain coming down today, that will muddy up the systems for a few days. Good news about the storm front, is that it looks like it should be gone fast, and we can get back out on the water and fish some more.

Top patterns continue to be the black and white Dolly Llama, Megawatt in all colors, and the Clouser Minnow in most color options. When fishing in muddy water, try fishing an all white or an all black fly, sometimes that contrast can really help.

As always, we'd love to share what you've been up to. Send fishing photos to Kayla@alaskaflyfishinggoods.com.

Happy Fishing!