Rain, rain, go away... Come again in a month when the coho run is done!

PaulOver the past week, the fishing has continued to be good all across the Juneau road system. From Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, Montana Creek, Cowee Creek, 5 mile, and 9 mile, fresh coho continue to pour through in good numbers. Today, the creeks are running high and pumping dark brown water into the channel, but should clear in a day or so after the rains stop.

Channel Fishing: This week the channel has continued to produce large healthy coho for your freezers. The top producing area around townBayview is Sheep Creek by far. The hatchery has done a great job providing us with a fantastic harvest fishery this year. The fish are plentiful, large, eager to take a fly, and you can fish at virtually any tide. A variety of flies have been working at Sheep Creek; anything from Pink/White and Chartreuse/White Clousers and Half n' Half's to the Black/White, Purple/Pink and Tutti Fruitti Dolly Llama and Mr. Bodangles. 5 and 9 mile continue to produce chrome cohos, too. Using the same flies, focus on fishing around the low tide at these locations. Keep in mind, if the rain continues Sheep Creek is the least effected, and should still be fishing well regardless.

Creek Fishing: Over the last week, we have hadFlyShopDog positive reports at both Cowee Creek and Montana Creek. Although the last couple of nights of rain will take a couple of days to come back into shape, there are good amounts of fresh coho in both. Try using heavily weighted flies such as the Dolly Llama- Black/White, Purple/Pink, Mr. Bodangles- Purple/Pink, Chartreuse/Blue, Hareball Leech- Aleutian Queen, Fuscia, and the Polar Starlite Leech- Kandy Kane. Although there are good numbers of salmon returning to these wild creeks we strongly urge you to use catch and release tactics in these rivers. As an angler, you are able to keep two fish per day, but if we want to see these rivers continue to have good numbers of returning salmon in the future, we ask you to re- think your harvesting in these wild runs, and move the harvesting of salmon to the hatchery coho.

As always, we hope you all have a great time out on the water!

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