Alright, alright, alright... There are fish around.
That being said, hatchery and wild Silvers are funneling into town. Last week, it was a trickle, hopefully next week it will be a solid pouring of fish. The hatchery cohos this year seem to be bigger and more aggressive than that of last years returning fish. It is rumored that there are a few 18-20 pounders scooting around town (you won't know if it's true unless you catch one of them!). All this being said, last year we were only just now catching our first few fish, so we are in good shape for the coming coho run!

Hot spots around town for fresh coho are Sheep Creek (across the entire beach, not just the mouth), the mouth of Salmon Creek, and 5 mile. Try bracketing the low tide, either fishing a few hours before low, or a few hours after low. If you have some time... try fishing both sides of the low. Good flies have been the Dolly Llama- Chartreuse/White, Tutti Fruitti, Purple/Pink, the Jig Spanker- Chartreuse, Pink, Tutti Fruitti, Purple/Pink, The Clouser Minnow and Half n' Half- Chartreuse/White, Pink/White, Pink/Purple. Try either dead drifting or jigging your fly through tide rips and at jumping fish. 082516a

As far as other species off the Juneau road system go, Dollies seem to have vaporized. If you see some, let us know... we're not sure where they are hiding! With the Chum and Pink spawn winding down, we can only assume they are going headed to their home lakes and rivers to hunker down for fall.

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Happy Fishing!082516b