Sorry for the late report, everyone! Every now and then, we at the fly shop have to call in sick, go out fishing, and field test what we are suggesting to you. Here is what we found....MattAd1

Fresh silvers are moving into the channel, but have been diffcult to target due to heavy rain fall and lack of visibility in the water. 5 Mile has been the best fishing destination for anglers this week, but is still quite off color. If you have free time, go try it out... but, until the color in the channel cleans up, there is only a few inches of visibility. Try using big, bright, heavy flies such as the chartreuse/white Dolly llama, and some flash flies.

Creek fishing for silvers has also been slow due to high water levels. Cowee creek is holding cohos as well as pinks. As long as it doesn't rain another two inches overnight, Cowee should be very fishy! Try flies such as the Dolly Llama #2- Black/White, Purple/Pink, Mr. Bodangles- Purple/Pink and Chartreuse/Blue.

As far as Dolly fishing goes, the fishing has slowed down immensely but there arePinkEggs still Dollies around in creeks that are in good shape and not blown out. If there are still pinks around spawning, you will find a few Dollies. Try 8mm beads in an orange or peach hue.

Fingers crossed that the rain in the forecast holds so that the creeks and the channel cleans up for all of us anglers!