081618bMatilda is at it again!
The rivers this week have been a bit on the outs with all the rain we have received. We could use a couple of days of no rain for them to be fully fishing right again. Good news though, this weekend's weather report is calling for showers all weekend.
081618aTom Wolff showing off some freshly caught coho at Sheep Creek.
Well, silver season seems to be in full swing already. It’s time to dust off your 8 weight, check your waders for leaks and be sure you have plenty of 16 lb salmon leaders and Dolly Llamas. The real hot spot has been around the Sheep Creek/Thane area. We have seen fish caught at just about all the tides, and with a variety of streamer patterns. It’s no surprise that the black and white Dolly Llama seems to be the hot fly, as well as tutti fruitti, pink/white and chartreuse/white combos. Clouser Minnows are a good substitution for hucking the Dolly Llama when your arm inevitably gets tired. Channel fishing and creek fishing still seems to be slow, but trying to hit the 5 mile and 9 mile areas as well as Auke Creek and the mouth of Salmon Creek are not out of question!
081618All in a days work! Great shot, boys!
There seems to be a strange late push of Pink Salmon in the Sheep Creek and Fish Creek areas this week. They're slightly blushed, but in surprisingly good shape considering it is mid-August. They are fun to catch, and a great way to refresh your skills for coho season. To target these fish, hit low tides at either location using pink colored flies such as the Humpy Hooker, Searunner Special, and the All Pink Clouser.

As far as creek fishing goes, Montana and Cowee have not picked up for Coho fishing yet, but the Dolly fishing still continues. Try drifting egg and bead patterns through deep runs, as well as swinging mini dolly llamas and small flesh flies.

Just remember, you can't catch a fish if your fly isn't in the water...

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