creek-fishingThe Pink Salmon fishing has been fantastic this season so far. A banner year for Pinks, they are returning in the masses and bringing with them a healthy Humpy Hooker appetite. They are still schooling around in the saltwater around Echo Cove, Point Louisa, the Shrine and Auke Creek. Try flies such as the Searunner Special, Humpie Hooker, Karluk Shrimp, Starlite Leech, and Rocketman- all pink. Focus on fishing the outgoing tide, that way the fish are getting closer to you, as opposed to further away.
This Pink Salmon fishery is our favorite fishery for anglers who may be in the learning process still, it teaches you how to cast, strip, set the hook, land the fish, and release. If you have someone in your life who may be interested in learning the art of fly casting, Echo Cove at a low tide is the place to be!

The Dolly Varden seem to have moved into freshwater overnight. Although the salmon spawn hasn’t quite begun, here in the next week or two the Dollies will begin eating beads and glo bugs like it is nobody’s business. This week, we suggest trying some small leech patterns like the BH Bugger and Sculpzilla, the Humpy Hooker or Striptease- pink #6, Clouser- all pink, or even 8-10mm beads in peach colors, and Glo Bug- Peachy King. Early reports of Dollies in the creeks have been focused at Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, and Cowee Creek. Focus on low tides at Sheep and Salmon Creek because at high tide, the creek is consumed with tide water. (The above photo was taken in previous years, but bead fishing for Dolly Varden is just around the corner!)

With recent reports, it sounds like the King fishery is pretty much done. There are stragglers around town still, and if you are lucky you may get one to take a fly. But, as far as we can see… the run came and went while we were all sleeping.

Happy Fishing!