Well, well... It's July already! D72315b

To start things off, the Dolly Varden are beginning their transition from creek estuaries back into freshwater. Try places like Cowee Creek, Salmon Creek, Montana Creek and Sheep Creek. The flies to use varies from pink flies, such as the Humpy Hooker, and Karluk Shrimp, to egg patterns such as Glo- Bug- peachy king, bead patterns in realistic salmon egg colors in size 8mm and 10mm, and even some leech and nymph patterns like the Sculpzilla, BH Buggers, and Egg Sucking Stone.

The pink salmon fishing has really kicked off with a bang! There have been a few big schools of fresh pinks milling around the Echo Cove area as well as Cowee Creek... And they all seem to be really big fish this year. If you're interested in searching for a Humpy, try bracketing the low tides around Echo, Point Louisa and Cowee using pink flies like the Humpie Hooker, Searunner Special, and Starlite Leech.

The Chum fishery this year has also been good so far. Try destinations like Peterson Creek and Amalga Harbor area, as well as Sheep Creek. The chum salmon can be picky when it comes to flies, but we have had luck on the Striptease- white, Kilowatt- purple or pink, Mini Krystal Shrimp- chartreuse, Sockeye Killer- chartreuse or the Humpy Hooker.

As far as King fishing goes, we have heard through the rumor mill that people are still limiting out on Kings at Auke Creek and Fish Creek, they have just had to put in their time on the water. Fly colors have varied from pink to chartreuse to all black to all white. So, grab your head nets and hit the water!

We would love to see our fishing reports in action, and what you've been catching! 
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