This week the fishing has continued to get better and better.
070518cShop employee, Mike Cole's, son Oliver with his first King Salmon!
King fishing continues as the large schools of fish move around the Auke Creek, Fritz Cove, Salmon Creek, and Lena Cove areas. All of these destinations are an incoming tide or outgoing tide fishing destination. Try flies such as the Squidro, Jumbo Critter, Mr. Bodangles, Party Girl and Rockstar. Try swinging through the current if there is enough, if not, try long strips.
070518A beautiful Brook Trout from the Salmon Creek Reservoir caught by Jake Fleetwood.
It’s that time of year that the Pink Salmon begin to appear around town. Good early places to hit for Pinks is Echo Cove at an outgoing to low tide. Use flies like the Humpie Hooker, Searunner Special, Smoltzilla – Pink, and Karluk Shrimp. Just about anything pink usually does the trick. When stripping your fly back, try a ‘strip, strip, pause’ method.
070518aCutthroat cruising the beaches feeding on pink fry patterns caught by Kayla Roys.
The Chum salmon are also moving into town in the masses. To target them, head out to Amalga Harbor and Sheep Creek at low tides. The Chum can get difficult to take a fly once they get close to fresh water, but you can try to entice them with flies such as the UV Calamari, Egg Sucking Leech- Purple, Chartreuse, Pink or Black, and pink clousers.

This is the time of year where Dolly Varden and Cutthroat get a bit tricky to find because they could be in freshwater, they could be in saltwater, they could be eating flies like the Stinger Clouser- Gray/White or Olive/White, or they could be eating flies like the Sandy Candy and UV mini leech- Pink. Try looking in places such as Cowee Creek and Sheep Creek.