king from beachSuper Nice King from the Beach.
Happy 4th of July! Even though the shop is closed on the 4th, we bring you fishy news to plan your weekend with. 

The next couple of weeks are always "tweener" weeks as the king fishing begins to tail off, pink and chum salmon start to move in the creeks, and Dollies take up residence behind said pinks & chums and get ready for the annual egg feast.

Sooooo,  just because the king fishing is moving past its peak doesn't mean there aren't still good fish to be caught. The huge tides of this past week have pushed a lot of kings through the channel and up to the hatchery area, up Fish Creek and into the pond, and collected more fish in Lena Cove. Pick your spots with this in mind. Targeting areas where the later run kings like to hang out can produce some solid results.  And if you still have the king bug and want to keep fishing this run, It's not uncommon for a second micro-batch of chrome fish to show up July 10-15. Fish Creek is the best spot to find these fish and you can easily fish this run until July 20th if you are so inclined. 

As for pink salmon, we aren't expecting a huge run this year, but it is forecast to be better than last year. If this plays out, the pinks should be out in Echo Cove in fishable numbers. Give it a shot around the low tide. Cowee Creek is another good spot for relatively early pink salmon action.

Finally, Dolly Varden are moving back into the creeks, and you can catch them even before the chum arrive and start spawning. Try small attractor patterns like Battle Creek Specials, AK Clousers in Pink/White #6 and Cerise/Orange #6 or our new Honey Hole pattern. Our own Kayla Roys designed this fly, has fished it the past few seasons, and it has been so effective we pulled them into our fly line up. 

Have fun out there, the shop is back open regular hours on the 5th, and we'll see you on the water!

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