CoweeWell, this week we will keep it very short and sweet... We finally got rain, let the fish God's rejoice! What that means for us, is that most everything is blown out for the time being. The channel is a muddy mess of chocolate milk, Montana Creek hit flood levels on Wednesday, Peterson Creek is in the trees, Sheep Creek is pumping water like we haven't seen in months, and check out Cowee Creek!

So, here is a look at the upcoming weather forecast. If it holds true, the creeks should begin dropping back into shape by this weekend, and we all know that on the drop is the best time to hit these locations. Surely the high water has pushed spawning Chum into the creeks, and so the Dollies will be partaking in an epic feeding frenzy.

Sheep Creek is typically the first place to clear up when it comes to fishing through the rain, so we suggest throwing your rain gear on, tying on a 10mm bead, and hitting Sheep Creek when the weather 072816window allows! After a couple days of no rain, Cowee and Montana should begin to drop into shape as well.... We're all playing the Mother Nature waiting game now!

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