This last week has been another productive week on the water. From the amount of fish around to the beautiful weather we have had… it’s been good to say the least. Looking forward, the forecast continues to look pretty darn good! So, set aside the house chores for a few hours and add ‘sunshine and fishing’ to your weekend agenda.
072618From left, Jake Fleetwood holds a fresh Pink Salmon, Jamie Messerschmidt with a hungry Cutthroat Trout, and Kayla Roys with a feisty Chum Salmon.
Let’s start things off with a positive note that although this is an off pink year, there are more Pink Salmon around this year than in 2016. Folks have been catching bright pink salmon at the mouth of Fish Creek and in Cowee Creek on a fairly productive basis. Echo has seen a school of fish moving around but has been hit and miss whether they come within casting distance or not. Echo would be a great place for you to bust out those floaty tubes and stand up paddle boards and go searching for them! In typical Pink fashion, they will eat just about anything pink colored… Try throwing the Humpy Hooker, Dolly Llama, Deep Six, and Starlite Leech.

The Chum Salmon are continuing to pour into town in the masses. To target fresh chum, try hitting the Peterson Creek/Amalga area and Sheep Creek areas around low tide, or the mouth of Montana Creek. Try throwing chartreuse, white, or pink streamers, fast stripping or swinging past the fish. As you get further into the creeks, the Chum are now actively spawning... Those ones aren’t ideal to target, but every now and then they’ll still eat your fly.

Now, the Dolly Varden and Cutthroat fishing has continued to get better and better. With the Chum spawn now in full swing, the deep pools and riffles at Sheep Creek are piled high with Dollies ranging from 12-20” on average size. The Montana Creek area from the end of the road through the canyon have also been fishing productively. Beads and egg patterns have been most productive in the peach 8-10mm range. If you do not want to drift egg patterns, try swinging Mini Dolly Llamas and small fleshy patterns like the Battle Creek Special through runs.

Finally, there are still some King Salmon milling around the Fish Creek, Auke Creek and Lena Cove areas. They are getting darker, but still feisty and fun to fight on the fly!

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