071317aHave you been out fishing recently? If you answered no, you need to stop what you are doing and get outside NOW.

The Dolly Varden fishing this last week has been on fire. We set out this week to try and find a bead that the Dollies would not eat, and we couldn't find one. We used 8mm's and 10mm's in colors such as Mottled Gold, Peachy King, Peach Roe, Egg Yolk and Montana Roe... all caught Dollies. We also tried Glo Bugs, and just about all sizes and colors did the trick. We tried Peachy King, Champagne, Flame, and the BH Gorman Egg.... All caught a Dolly or two. Drift these beads behind spawning salmon, while ensuring you are making nice mends in your line. Head to all creeks in the area that have salmon spawning in them, such as Cowee, Montana, Salmon and Sheep Creek.
D72315c The Pink Salmon are still returning in the masses. Dark clouds of them have been spotted at Echo Cove and Cowee Creek. Fish Creek and Montana Creek have some pinks as well. If fishing at Echo, focus on an outgoing to low tide using the Humpie Hooker. In freshwater, use heavier flies such as the All Pink Clouser, Hot Shot Comet- Pink, Starlite Leech- Pink, and Mr. Bodangles- Pink. 

Only a couple more weeks and the Cohos will begin to show.... Happy Fishing!

We would love to see our fishing reports in action, and what you've been catching! 
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