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dolly montana kayla

Fishing around the Juneau road system has continued to get better and better. There has been a good number of chum salmon returning to the creeks around the area, which makes for great Dolly and trout fishing. Although this year has turned out to be an off year for Pink Salmon, don't let that discourage you from fishing altogether.

The Chum Salmon have been returning in masses, and can be spotted in areas like Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, Montana Creek, Peterson Creek/Amalga Harbor and Cowee Creek. If you get into a school of aggressive Chums, the fly to use is the Striptease- white, pink or purple, Rocket Man- white, pink, or chartreuse, and Hot Shot Comet- pink or chartreuse.

On the chromer side of things, the Dolly Varden have been on a feeding frenzy all around Juneau. The Dollies have been especially aggressive when it comes to egg patterns such a Glo Bug- peachy king, Beadhead Gorman Egg- pink or orange, and the Fish Emission Egg-salmon egg. You can also use beads such as Mottled peachy king, orange clear, and glow roe in 8mm, and 10mm.

Don't forget we have one last FREE casting lesson tomorrow, July 18th from 6:00-8:00pm!We will meet at the shop, and go cast from there. Come one, Come all!

As always, Happy Fishing!

-Brad, Mike & Kayla